Neon nailart

Every once in a week I paint my nails and for this week I wanted to create something special and something that really catches your eye and with neon you cannot go wrong. The neon yellow is even brighter in real life than on this picture. I got my inspiration on Instagram (where you can follow me at miilou7 ).
Nailart of the week
My inspiration from instagram
Want to know how to make this? For this nailart I first applied two white coats from OPI alpine snow because the yellow color is not really pigmented. The yellow nailpolish I bought in a store in Rhodos, Greece. Then I applied a wide line of white again and then a thinner line of black. On top of this black stroke I painted a white zigzag line with a small brush. I dotted blue (H&M) and pink (Catrice meet me at coral island) dots next to the black line and also some pink dots on the black open spaces. And finally I dotted some really tiny dots on the pink ones and in the black open spaces.
I think I did a pretty good job in copying this bright nailart, what do you think?