New Year's Eve party nails

Today is 31 December and for the last time in 2012 I decorated my nails for a good party. I will wear my golden sequin top, so my nails are a perfect match. First I polished my nails a golden color and then a layer of golden glitter polish for an extra sparkly effect.

Xmas cupcakes

Although Christmas is already a week ago, I wanted to share these cupcakes. With christmas I made these beautiful cupcakes with my sister. They were delicious!

Winter Wonderland nails!

This week I made Winter wonderland nails!!!

This is how I made them:

1. First apply a nice lightblue color with a little glitter in it, or apply a glittery topcoat on top of your blue base.
2. Sponge a silver color on the tips of your nails. I used a make-up sponge for it.
3. Finally the difficult part. draw a white snow floke on one or more of your nails. I just did one on my ring finger and my thump with a very thin brush. First mix a + and a x and then draw little v's on the end of each line.
4. We are finished and good to go!
I know it looks difficult but if you try and take your time, you can do this! Good luck with it!

Xmas cards!

Last year at Xmas I got two Xmas cards from friends and I realized how nice it is to receive a Xmas card from someone. So I decided to buy some cute Xmas cards myself to send to my closest friends. And look what I found:
Aren't they cute? They came with those little square envelopes. I hope my friends will like them as much as I do! Did you send any Xmas cards to your friends? Or maybe you made them yourself like I used to do when I was little.


A new start with a new blog. I had one blog before, but stopped with posting because it took me too much time and my interests changed. So first of all I decided to write this new blog in English to reach a bigger audience. Also I would like to write about ├íll the stuff that I like and I'm interested in. That includes nail art, cupcakes, beauty, fashion and all other girly things. I wrote about these things on my previous blog in Dutch and I will leave those articles on this blog below this post.
So here today a new start and a new blog!